Nov 8, 2022

Geeq gets real

A lot has been happening at Geeq – settle in for a thorough update! From strategic partnerships paving the way to mass adoption, to high-profile event appearances and of course technical progress, there is plenty to catch up on.

Sights set on enterprise adoption

On the business development front, we have taken major strides in the form of strategic partnerships with Rowbot and Morpheus.Network. Both of these collaborations put Geeq technology in front of a host of enterprise clients, accelerating adoption. Rowbot is a self-service data management platform, with particular strength in the healthcare market; Morpheus.Network provides supply chain automation leveraging IoT, blockchain and other emerging technologies. These are ideal partners for us as healthcare and logistics are prime use cases: both sectors face urgent challenges in managing complex data flows between multiple providers, and of course this is exactly where Geeq shines. 

Another highlight was winning major investment from GEM Digital Limited, an international digital assets investment firm, to boost development. We are very proud to have earned this commitment, getting recognition for Geeq’s strong potential.

With all the progress achieved in gaining traction with enterprise clients, we needed to adapt our strategy to ensure the fastest and most secure progress toward our goals. Of course we are still fully committed to public blockchain, but we realized that implementing private instances to meet client needs wouldn’t just make business sense – it makes for better technical development. That is because we can build and test separate feature sets in real time, with real users, enabling us to refine them for the best possible experience on public launch. It seems slow now, but it’s saving time and trouble down the line. We are very excited about where this approach is taking us. 

You can read a detailed explanation of our thinking here, get more insight on why this is the best foundation for our GEEQ token here, and keep up to date on the road map, which will always tell you what we have achieved and what we are working on next. We have also launched further rounds of web staking and indeed ran a special promotion with KuCoin. Staking announcements and all other token news can always be found here

Geeq enters the real world

In technical terms, we celebrated two major milestones: a patent award for Geeq’s unique protocol, and the release of the Testing Framework for Geeq Data – our first real-world dApp.  

Getting the US Patent Office’s patent approval clearly establishes the Geeq difference and separates us from incumbents. We are delighted to have earned this recognition and can push forward with development backed by this certainty. 

We are very proud of Geeq Data, our first native dApp, which went through extensive community testing with a fun treasure hunt

Want more? For technical readers, we publish regular detailed updates – the most recent is here – and for non-technical readers, a raft of useful explainers to elaborate on not only what we’re doing, but why it’s great. Be sure to check those out if you don’t quite understand how hashes can establish data consistency, for example. Or if you prefer video, our co-founder John Conley explains Geeq Data in a short series here

And we’re making sure the world knows us! 

With all this progress happening, we have also been making sure the world knows about Geeq, through AMAs, conference appearances and op-eds. Our co-founder Stephanie So talked to Oddgems, BlockDrops and to CryptoCoinShow, while this interview with Hodlers Hub includes some interesting background on how Geeq got started and lessons learned along the way. 

Stephanie also joined in panel discussions at the Metawhat? event and at Morpheus Labs’ Web3 Sandbox hackathon, while John discussed the problems with smart contracts at the same hackathon. You can see the slides from his presentation here.

Meanwhile, CEO Ric Asselstine made the business case for Geeq’s solutions with articles in Disruption Banking on the pressing data quality problems facing enterprises, especially in the financial sector.

As you can see, the whole Geeq team has been hard at work to ensure steady, co-ordinated progress on all fronts – we are developing our product and market in parallel, each supporting the other. We see a lot of reason to be happy with where things are, and where they are going. And we know there will be so much more good news to share with you in the months ahead. 

Thank you for being a Geeq!


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