by Geeq Corporation

April 2, 2019

An Interactive Experience with Geeq’s Proof of Honesty

To take the interactive, self-guided tour, click HERE.
Geeq has developed a protocol unlike any other for blockchain technology. It empowers the user to find a provably honest, immutable blockchain.

Geeq’s approach to blockchain is completely new. You do not have to know about other blockchains in order to understand the basics of sending the $GEEQ token through a Geeq payment network.

The key lesson is to check the honesty of the node by using Geeq’s is and how to protect yourself using Geeq’s “Test Honesty”

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by Geeq Corporation

February 14, 2019

Check Out Our First Demo!

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The only useful blockchain—or at least the only one that honest, risk-averse people should trust—is one that can be proven to be a record of truth at all times. In blockchain speak, there must be a canonical (universally accepted) blockchain that always displays a truthful and immutable Current Ledger State (CLS). Geeq has proven this is possible by developing a proprietary consensus mechanism,

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by John P. Conley

February 12, 2019

Cost Estimates for IoT on GeeqChain

Geeq’s flexible federated chains allow you to customize your IoT-on-blockchain solutions. Here’s what you need to know to calculate costs.

Geeq Ask Me Anything on Telegram

by Geeq Corporation

January 23, 2019

AMA Session with Geeq Founders

Update: A transcript is now available, courtesy of PaperstreetVC.

Ask Me Anything on Telegram: TH 1/24/2019, 4 pm EST

Join us on Telegram this Thursday, 1/24, at 4 pm EST for Geeq’s 1st AMA. Hosted by PaperstreetVC.

With Chief Economist John Conley – Aligning the incentives in blockchain and CEO Ric Asselstine – Steering straight at business pain points

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by Stephanie So

October 31, 2018

Welcome to Geeq Thoughts

We want our blog to be an honest, constructive, engaging and sometimes funny place for people to express their opinions, ask questions, make suggestions or simply think out loud about any topic that intersects with blockchain.

by William Maeck

October 28, 2018

What’s Wrong With Blockchain and Why Do I Not Understand It?

William Maeck steers us out of the ‘semantic wasteland’ of blockchain (credit goes to Nic Carter for the term), and leaves us with a three word phrase to remember.

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